Home Staging vs. Interior Redesign

At Murphy's Design we learned very early on that we have a pretty even split in the types of clients we have. We have clients that are having their homes remodeled for themselves, so that they can better enjoy their space for many years to come. And we have clients that are remodeling their spaces for resale to increase the value of their homes prior to selling.

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Cynthia MurphyComment
Free Estimates vs. Paid Consultations

I would absolutely say yes there is a difference between a Free Estimate and a Free Consultation. An estimate is the anticipated cost of work to be completed. A Consultation is an analysis of wants and needs which may or may not include an estimate of cost of work to be completed. But first let’s make sure that we understand the key characteristics of each.

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Understanding Remodel Timelines

Because the very nature of kitchen remodeling is the personalization and varying scope of work it can be difficult to create an exact timeline. I use a mind map to take our clients through the design, planning, build out and installation. But for initial planning, I use the common kitchen project and starting there add based on individual circumstances. This can be very effective in communicating the timing for your remodel.

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Figuring Out & Understanding Your Remodel Budget

It's a big day, you have decided to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or another important room in your home.

You've probably already tried to answer this question with google. You type in "How much does a bathroom remodel cost" for example, and the results are endless and overwhelming. 

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