Understanding Remodel Timelines

How Long Will It Take To Design, Plan, And Finish My Remodel Project?

Because the very nature of kitchen remodeling is the personalization and varying scope of work it can be difficult to create an exact timeline. I use a mind map to take our clients through the design, planning, build out and installation. But for initial planning, I use a common kitchen project and then adjust based on your individual circumstances. This can be very effective in communicating the timing for your remodel.

Below I have outlined the three phases

1. Design

2. Pre-Construction

3. Build Out / Installation.


The very first allocation of time goes to the design of your new space. I include the wants and needs analysis and scope of work outline in this phase rather than having pre-design, design and planning phases because they work together as key contributors to the final design plan. Since most clients lead busy lives I allow for no more than 2 appointments per week to tackle these decisions, meeting twice per week is an aggressive schedule so most clients plan on one meeting every 5 days. All told the Design Phase can easily be completed in 4-6 weeks. Smaller projects with less decisions can be done more quickly.  When travel schedules have to be considered it's best to discuss this at the beginning and schedule as many of the meetings in advance.  


Pre- Construction

Remodeling your kitchen is similar to executing a favorite dinner recipe. When preparing a recipe you have active prep time, inactive time and cooking time. The Pre-Construction phase is like the inactive time, you are no longer actively doing any work but behind the scenes there is a lot happening. This time frame is completely dependent on the policies of your service provider. I believe that the Pre-Construction phase should last until all the products have been confirmed for delivery and that the kitchen cabinets are ready. The kitchen cabinet’s are typically the longest lead time item so we order those as soon as we have finalized all the details. The Remodeler’s schedule is also a key contributor to the length of time a client will spend in this phase. On the short side of things you can expect 3 weeks, on the longer side of things you can expect 6-8 weeks. We work hard to keep all our projects in a 3-6 week start range not booking projects out too far in advance unless the client has special scheduling considerations.

Build Out | Installation

This phase of your project is usually the most concerning for our clients. Again, it is very specific to how the service provider works, but we work on our projects from start to finish, what that means is that other than waiting for an electrician, plumber or other trade specialist to make an appearance on site we look for progress each day. Our goal is always to finish one task and immediately be able to move into the next. On the average, a major kitchen remodel will take 22-28 working days, 4-6 weeks. If the project has a large structural or weather related component you should add a minimum 3-5 working days to this estimate. If we are not doing extensive work, no flooring, limited changes it can reduce the scope to 15 days, or 3-4 wweks. We take the kitchen remodel scope of work and build it out using a calendar. Then we give the calendar to our clients so that they know what to expect as the project progresses through the many stages.


Closing Thoughts

In summary from start to finish allow 3-4 months, don’t rush it, starting Build out and Installation before the Design Phase is complete. This is always a very bad idea on many different fronts. Also, the bigger the remodeling scope of work the more time it will take, most everyone understands that. If you are interested in doing multiple projects, say kitchen, bathrooms plus living spaces the only way to save time is by not occupying the house during the remodel. Moving out, is a big decision, there are additional costs associated, we have worked with numerous clients that found doing the work in planned stages was an excellent way to manage the work. If this sounds like it might be your situation and you are finding it hard to figure out where to start then shoot me a note because I have a series of questions that should help you get started.