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What should we be checking when interviewing Contractor's?

You’ve been ghosted. A contractor you hired to do work took your money and then disappeared without completing the job, worst yet they did a lousy job and now you need to hire someone to come in and fix it. When I talk to clients that have experienced difficulties with their Remodeling Contractor I am always surprised to find out that they moved forward with these Contractors without any detailed plans or written contracts.

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How long will it take before we could have our new kitchen?

Because the very nature of kitchen remodeling is personalizing the room just for you it can be difficult to provide a generic timeline . But for planning, let’s use the following as a guide to help you get started and then adjust based on your individual needs to come up with a timeline for you. Here’s what you can expect as an overview:

There are three phases to a Kitchen Remodel;

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How do we Figure Out our Remodel Budget

It's a big day, you have decided to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or another important room in your home.

You've probably already tried to answer this question with google. You type in "How much does a bathroom remodel cost" for example, and the results are endless and overwhelming. 

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