One of the first questions we get  is “how can we work with you?” Big or Small, we have lots of ways to help you take your house and make it a home.  Our first priority is making it easier on you, being transparent about costs and using our expertise to guide you so that you get the results you deserve.  Check out these options below;


OUR team's zone of genius.  Creating  your dream kitchen or bathroom can become a full time job.  Our custom Design + Build program will take you from your existing plan and customize it just for you.  Removing walls, enlarging the floor plan,  and moving fixtures all is possible.  Brainstorming creative ideas and presenting several solutions to solve any of your existing spacial issues.  We outline and manage all the details, creating full plan sets and working directly onsite daily, communicating clearly all your decisions so that you can keep your life's priorities front and center.    

  • Phone consultation or in studio meet up to answer questions and help get you started

  • In home brainstorming consultation with budget preparation ($250.00)

  • Start with planning the design and specification of every detail

  • Kitchen and bathroom renderings with color, finish and fixture selection.

  • Interior space planning, furniture placement, paint finishes, flooring selections and window treatments

  • Whole house lighting, hardware, doors and custom trim specification

  • Whole house flooring and painting

  • Exterior finishes and color selections

  • Detailed Scope of work and fixed price contract


is it time to replace your outdated kitchen or bathrooms?  

Sometimes its just time to update a house to make it a home.  We understand It can be overwhelming tackling work inside your home.  We take you step by step, quickly and efficiently, making sure none of the details get overlooked.  Good planning saves time and money by controlling costs, first by creating the scope of work and then using a budget to make quality selections.  Enjoy working with our caring team of detailed craftsmen as we guide you through installing the project while keeping your comfort in mind.  No worries and no distractions as John and I are close by to make sure your updates stay on track.  Just perfect for your kitchen or bathroom updates.

  • Phone consultation or in studio meet up to answer questions and help get you started

  • Detailed in home work scope meeting with material budget ($250.00)

  • Reasonable Design Retainer to coordinate all your selections

  • Installation floor plans and elevations

  • Kitchen and bathroom renderings with color, finish 

  • Cabinetry, appliance, fixtures, tile and paint finish selection 

  • lighting, hardware, doors and custom trim specification

  • Labor estimates from all our partners

Already have an install team or wantto bid out the work but need a plan?  

Then DESIGN AND FURNISH will fit perfectly.

Working together we tackle the space planning, selecting of cabinets, countertops, fixtures and finishes.  By creating our customized selection binder with the detailed floor plans, mechanical and elevation drawings everyone on the project stays informed.  Send out detailed work scopes for competitive bidding.  As a bonus my design renderings will give you the peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy the transformation.  

If questions come up we are happy to work with your contracting team while you work, take care of family or keep doing whatever life has you busy enjoying.

Do you love design, want to do some or all of the work but are nervous about COSTLY mistakes?

 Understandable, we see design bloopers all the time.  Whether you live near or far sometimes you just need to ask a question or get some feedback.  Nothing can be more frustrating then wasting time or money with a costly mistake or bad hire.  My virtual PRIVATE design community is the perfect combination of doing it yourself but also having pro support to make sure you get a great return on your investment while saving money and enjoying a home you love.

  • Join my Private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback on selections, review your plans and ideas; and pull it all together.  The perfect way of making sure all your decisions have gotten you exactly what you want. 

  • Not ready to get started? Get ideas and loads of information seeing others tackling their projects.

  • Access to my templates and planning tools, systems and processes

  • use my hiring guide to screen labor candidates

  • not sure what should or shouldn't be in a work contract?

  • Or just need some cost cutting advice and ideas.  We have you covered, value engineering is our middle name.  Let me be your sounding board while my years of experience builds your confidence to make the right decisions.

Need us to come to you?

You don't do this everyday and we do! That's why we offer the in home consultation sessions for $250.00. We start with a detailed phone conversation and then meet you in your home to review your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas, discuss construction options, look at wall locations, work on budgeting?   Move forward with our team on your project, large or small, and we will give you a full credit.  This is a quick and efficient way to jumpstart your home improvement projects with open and honest conversations.

Not sure which service is best for you?

Call us.  I'm happy to review your project, over the phone or meet at our studio. Contact us below to schedule an appointment.  


Our mission is to make everything easier on you!