Getting Started is often the hardest step.  

One of the first questions we get is "how can we work with you?".  It's important that you find a good fit for your Design and Remodeling Projects.  Big or Small, we have lots of ways to help you take your house projects and get them done.  

Our first priority is making it easier on you, it's your home, using our expertise to guide you so that you get the results you deserve.

DESIGN+BUILD:  Is a major Kitchen or Master Bathroom Remodel in your future?

Without the right help, creating your dream kitchen or bathroom can become a full time job.  Our custom Design + Build program will take you from your existing plan and customize it just for you.  Removing walls, enlarging the floor plan,  and moving fixtures; all is possible.  Working with you and brainstorming creative ideas and presenting several solutions to solve any of your existing spacial issues, we outline and manage all the details, we create full plan sets and we work directly with the build team daily so that you can keep your life's priorities front and center.  

We break our major remodel process down into three easy phases, each phase is structured and seamlessly moves you closer to the home of your dreams; within your budget and in your timeline. 

Work with us all the way through the build or take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the Planning Phases you need the most.

Phase 1.  Consultations:  We start by scheduling your FREE virtual consultation so we can hear your ideas and learn about your project.  During this consultation I can guide you with valuable information on what to expect for investment ranges based on the type and size of your project and our services. 

Next, we schedule an in home consultation and take you through;

  • your wants and needs evaluation
  • brainstorm concept ideas
  • answer questions 
  • review local cost vs value information and review budgeting specific to meeting your goals. 
  • typical investment cost ($299.00)

With the consultation completed and a investment range determined you are ready to get started on Phase 2 Project Development. 

Phase 2. Design and Planning:  Choosing us to guide you through the project development is the most valuable decision you will make.   Projects can go off budget without the guidance of our experience and open communication.  Being involved, with a watchful eye,  in all the material decisions protects your investment.  We credit the consultation fee to the cost of the retainer, the cost of which has been determined via your project size and scope.   Next, with detailed measurements in hand we prepare several space plan options and concept boards.  Using those as our guide we craft your space by following a material selection process and working with you closely to finalize each piece based on your feedback and investment range. 

 A Proposal is created with specification of materials, visual exhibits and a detailed scope of work based on all our work together.  

Once approved we create a plan set that includes construction details, cabinet plans, elevations, tile, accessory and electrical plan. If Local to our area and looking for our build services we also include a fixed price cost based on all the decisions made together, no guessing. 

Your project is now at the ready, waiting for the construction team. (Already have a construction team? No problem we can hand off)

Investment is between $2500-5000 dependent on project sizes and scope. 

Phase 3. Build:  Let the the work begin! If local and using our build services we begin the Construction phase.  Entering into this phase you continue your work with Cindy and Lauren as they handle the project management and John works with the build team creating your beautiful new space.  

Investment varies dependent on size and scope of project but typically starting at $40,000.00 and up. 

Too expensive for your project? Check out:


Even when you have no plans to make structural changes we understand It can be overwhelming tackling work inside your home. Good planning saves time and money by controlling costs, first by creating the scope of work and then using a budget to make quality selections that don't get out of control.  Our flexibility to use your own team to install or we can identify the right team of craftsman for your project.

  • As a direct dealer of several cabinet lines your costs are well managed; we guarantee the best price on our cabinet lines in the Northern VA area!
  • Experienced planning help, we can take you step by step, quickly and efficiently, making sure none of the details get overlooked. 
  •  No worries and no distractions as John and I are close by to make sure your updates stay on track.  
  • Trusted trades referrals available for updating your home.

Project Types:

  • New cabinets and layout: no install needed
  • Pull and Replace: replaces old cabinets, flooring and finishes with new in existing locations
  • Re-design Project:  takes what you have and makes it better by painting or re facing, new countertops and finishes

Investment is based on project scope but initial cost average between $500-$3000. plus materials and labor as applicable.

Thinking you don't need that much help?  Check out:


 It's a common dilemma; 

  • you have skills and believe you can tackle most of the work
  • your budget is tight (very tight
  • you are looking for an experienced resource to answer your questions and offer some expert guidance. 
  • you like the idea of having a pro to talk to that doesn't have a vested interest in how much you spend

Doing some or all the work yourself can be very rewarding but it can also stress the best of relationships.  Having an expert team in your back pocket can be invaluable!  Whether you live near or far sometimes you just need a trusted advisor to ask questions,  get feedback, review your plan, discuss your budget, and be available should you run into trouble along the way.  Nothing can be more frustrating then wasting time or money with a costly mistake or bad hire.   Virtual One on One sessions come with access to our online PRIVATE community and is the perfect combination of doing it yourself but also having pro support to make sure you get a valued return on your investment. 

30-day Money back guarantee

So simple, and no high dollar retainer or lengthy contract needed. ( 3 sessions for $599.00)

  • Use Phone or Skype sessions to coach you through as you need the help
  • Perfect for tight schedules so everyone can be present
  • Prepare your home to sell with DIY staging
  • Avoid Costly mistakes by uploading plans and selections for our review
  • Plan quick affordable updates to settle into your newly purchased home 
  • Free Private access to our team in our PRIVATE community
  • Review trade estimates and contracts for best practices to keep you covered during the project?
  • Space plan, structural and problem solving conferences
  • Cost cutting advice and ideas.
  •  Help preparing your home to sell with DIY home staging
  • additional sessions available at just $99 per session

We have you covered, value engineering is our middle name, let us be your sounding board while our years of experience save you frustration, time, mistakes and money.


Not sure which service is best for you?

Call us.  We are  happy to review your ideas. Contact us below to schedule an appointment.  


Our mission is to make everything easier on you!