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Do you know what questions to ask when trying to find a designer and/or remodeler for your home's project?  This quick checklist will get you in the mindset for finding the best fit for you.  Don't waist your time with dozens of in home "estimates".   Learn to pre-screen and only take the time to get the best to your house for a person to person meet up.

who this is for:

This resource is for you if you have never done a major remodel or for those of you who have remodeled before but was underwhelmed and want to find the perfect team; one you can connect with, rely on and trust for your remodeling project. 

Are you ready for a new kitchen or bathroom but don't know where to start?  Do you think you would recognize your perfect space if you saw pictures? Would you become overwhelmed when faced with all the options?

If you are like me it’s easy to know when you need to update a room in your home but explaining to a complete stranger what it is you want is a completely different challenge. Communicating with visuals makes it easy! 

Our free design planning guide is here to help you  pull together your own organized visual file so you can communicate what your new space should look like . 

Who this is for:

This resource is for you if you don't know where to begin and feel a little overwhelmed with ideas. If you like to research and organize your ideas before working with a designer or remodel team.


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