About Murphy's Design



What are you looking for in a designer or contractor for the project in your home? What's most important to you?  Beautiful work, attention to detail, the right price? 

Murphy's Design started as a solution to a common building problem;

"providing top quality installation with well thought out and detailed kitchens and bathrooms "

I was beyond frustrated with the inconsistencies in the various install crews I had been working with. My clients and I would work for months as a team creating the details and personality to their new spaces.  We were specifying fine quality finishes and the final outcome was hinging on a team of professionals who not only needed to care but had the skill to deliver the final product.  At about the same time as I began looking for a solution my husband made a decision to leave his job as Project Supervisor for a large custom design and builder in the heart of Hunt Country.  Since he had helped me in the past as a high level craftsman I asked him to consider joining forces.  He agreed to installing my projects, cabinetry, trim work and setting appliances.  

From the beginning, we decided that Murphy's Design would be unique; as a Kitchen and Bath Designer and Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler I would guide the planning stages and John as the General Contractor would lead the installation, together we would be your team leaders.

And there it began, our mission was simple; install beautifully designed kitchens and bathrooms.  


The Beginning

Early in the development of Murphy's Design we had the honor of completing work for my elderly parents.  My family home was in need of updating and my Dad could no longer navigate the two levels.  With an eye to their changing needs and understanding that they didn't want it to look like they needed help we worked through their challenges. They have since passed but during this difficult time of change in their lives they trusted us to modify our family home so they could age in place.  We realized while doing this work that not everyone gets to experience this kind of service and care.  Both John and I got great satisfaction in knowing that they had the trust and confidence that we would guide them with honesty about their needs and the cost.  Several additional projects for them and some of their peers and we had found our calling.  

Make things Easy.

When talking with our customers we began to understand that craftsmanship in what we do is not only important but it's assumed.  It's the #1 reason they call us in the first place.

 We found three more qualities that are as important to creating happy lifelong clients;

1) Communicating. You want to be part of the project day to day. we found by providing opportunities for feedback and responses in real time each day you enjoy the process more.

2) Managing and guiding the project. You want us to be on site with the plumbers, electricians, drywall and paint professionals so you don't have to be.

3) Timing and Schedules.  You like knowing what's happening next.  You love seeing the big picture of how the project will come together.

Today, our lives are filled with new friends and families of projects we have completed.  We specialize in Kitchens, and Bathrooms often tackling the whole house in varying stages.  We have the added benefit of working with you many times over time.  

Our mission has developed from creating beautiful spaces to include making the entire experience simpler and easier on you.   


John Murphy


You will find John leading the job site, working side by side to delivery the project on time and on budget.  He's soft spoken and takes seriously your investment in your home and your overall comfort during the construction phase.  

As a Master Craftsman John, he is active in all the details of the final installation.  Cabinetry, trim, tile and accessories are laid out with careful consideration.  He has refined his eye for exceptional detail over decades of fine finish and custom carpentry work.

As the General Contractor John sets the example for everyone on our team to follow. Cleanliness is key. It's not enough to say that we keep your home clean, we don't just clean at the end of the day but take extra care while working to protect your home and keep things comfortable for you.  

John's also your On Site Supervisor, his personality makes you the Team Captain and works to make sure that you are kept involved in any decisions that may come up during the construction phase.  Another Unique feature of working with Murphy's Design.


Cynthia Murphy


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is a team sport.  I lead the design, making sure your personality and voice comes through in the final product. By following a six step process during the design and planning stage we are able to move through the decisions; each one at the appropriate time.  

You want someone who looks beyond the trends and delivers timeless value.

Your project needs to reflect your life, your family and your needs, today and in the future.  My experience in listening closely then guiding you to the best decision for your project is the key.  Having the skill and knowledge to guide you through:

  • Spacial planning and reorganization
  • Structural modification
  • Budgeting and Cost evaluation
  • Cabinetry Design and Selection
  • Tile Specification and layout
  • Lighting design and selection
  • Plumbing specification 
  • Plus, all the curated details that the space unique to you.

Together we visit local showrooms, meet at our studio in the heart of the Mosaic District or in your home, crafting every detail of your new space, working wherever is more efficient and convenient. for you.

You want open and honest discussions about cost and value.

My unusual role as both the designer and the planner gives me more insight into the costs of the decisions we are making during the design phase.  The close relationship that John and I maintain also is an advantage in remaining transparent about cost.  I start the design process with a target budget based on our early conversations.  As we move through the selections we are able to discuss if decisions are impacting that target.   This saves both time and money as we can work together to creatively solve problems without having to wait until the end of the selection process. You are able to give thoughtful consideration and make adjustments as you feel necessary in real time. 

 Not every remodeler has a Kitchen and Bath Designer, and Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler guiding every step of the planning process; another unique feature of working with Murphy's Design.



Lauren Murphy


Lauren has worked with Murphy's Design since 2013, with a stylist and photographer's eye she has managed all of our visual branding, job site photography and selection guidance.   In mid 2017 when we felt the need to maximize Lauren's talent it was only natural for Lauren to get her Home Staging and Interior Redesign Certifications. With an understanding and empathetic personality, not to mention a strong eye for interiors and a never ending curiosity for the industry, Lauren was the perfect fit for the job. If you're looking to have a space ready to sell or re-designed for your own enjoyment you'll be working hands on with Lauren.   

Lauren is constantly updating her skills and receiving certifications to continue her education of the industry. She Stays on top of trends while understanding the fundamentals of design, color  and the importance of using timeless and classic materials in a space. Lauren is always eager to get into a new space and get to work. Her fresh design perspective has always been beneficial to Murphy's Design and we're thrilled to be able to offer her services to our clients!

Some of Lauren's design influences are Joanna Gains, Kate Arends, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Nate Berkus, Jonathan Adler, Beth Kirby and Genevieve Gorder. She looks to Dwell and Domino Magazine for inspiration and her favorite places to find home decor are Target, West Elm, Home Goods, and Terrain. Her favorite podcast is Clever, she can't live without her dog, Rory or a good candle and a good book. She's currently looking into purchasing an A-Frame Cabin and is addicted to and loves re-designing her own space over and over again. 

What sets us apart from other design and remodeling firms is that our strong desire to make everything easier on you comes first. 


The Future


John and I agreed early on that we had no interest in building a big remodeling company.  In a time when things seem to be getting less and less personal we like getting to know our customers and keeping in touch.  Its a great complement when we get a follow up call from you asking for our advice or input on a problem in your home.  We want to help by passing along our years of experience and become a lasting resource.  Consider us family, because from the moment we start to work with you that's how you will be treated.  It's no surprise our customers are sad to see us finish, pack up to go, it's sad for us too; until the next time.

We hope that you can feel, from our clients feedback and testimonials that your happiness with the process from start to finish, not just the end result is the most important thing to us.  John and I believe that working with you, being easy to work with, doing it right, and making it easier on you is the most important thing we can do. 


-Cynthia & John Murphy